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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Boots&Lucky Chair

This Knitted Winter Boots are availeble as single for 100L and in Pack for 450L at IrEn Mainstore!

Availeble as Black&White leather edition too !

For a short time this is the Lucky Chair Gift at IrEn !

Check them out!

And have fun !


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New and last releases by Truth and new Anya by Tik Tok!

New Truthies!
Gwyneth-63 streak options+standart version,with split attachment point option
Truth_25.11 & Anya by Tik Tok
Joey-63 streak options+standart version
Truth_25.11 & Anya by Tik Tok
Last releases
Truth & Tik Tok-2
Truth &Tik Tok
Truth & Tik Tok-3
Skins-TIK TOK-Body care-Anya
Shape-TIK TOK-Body care-Bony

Anya by Tik Tok-Body care!

Hello!I have released new basic skin for using with your favorite makeups(Tik Tok for example XD).Anya comes in 5 skin tones,pretty natural face and 2 cleavage options!All skins at Tik Tok now cost 299 Ld only and fat packs 990-1300)O_O yeah)))so basic skins for 299 too)
TIK TOK-Anya skin_vendor_main
TIK TOK-Anya-tan
TIK TOK-Anya-deep tan
TIK TOK-Anya-dark
TIK TOK-Anya-medium
TIK TOK-Anya-fair
TIK TOK-Body Care...We care of your body !!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Meet Amily & Angie

2 new skins at IrEn Mainstore

check them out




GroupFee is 180L

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Autumn by Curio !

Hello)Gala Phoenix has released 2 new pretty skin lines.Autumn and Yum.New Curio skins has 2 browes options.light and dark.Fatpack has 2 bonus makeups)yay!Autumn is beautiful as all curio skins,makeups very rich,i just love it.So meet Autumn!
You see?Autumn is perfect!Visit Curio and buy your beaty)I wear hair by TRUTH Chalice and also new shape by Tik Tok (not released yet)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Perfect skin and shape release at TIK TOK !

I happy to present you TIK TOK's new skin line Bony.She is just perfect.Soft and natural shades very dedicated,amazing highlights,Lips are soo kissable,is very quality and you will love Bony)
Skin comes in 5 tones within nude face and 4 most famous makeups,has 2 cleavage options,face with and without moles.Each pack include 5 lipglosses and 5 lipglosses with beautiful teeth on tattoo layers,so play with your skin how you like)Also Bony has her own shape if you want to be totally Bony))
TIK TOK-Bony skin&shape_vendor
Come to TIK TOK!We always glad to see you there)

Monday, November 15, 2010

TIK TOK-Work in progress XD

I make this skin now)And it is what i have today)Will change abou million times but i soooo wanted to take a pic)))So)i did it.lol
comming soon skin release
You can see all other skins at the store)Taxi
And hair is new Truth hair)i will blog tomorrow)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Super Bargain Saturday at TIK TOK !!!

Skin for saturday but is already at the store and waiting for you)
TikTok-Project Donate-Stella-2

New Tattoos at ::::IrUrU::::


Irka Bing released a new colored tattoo and 4 Face Tattoos at V2 Layer.
Check them out at IrUrU shop


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hew Hair

2 new Hairstyles at IrEn Mainstore
scripted with 6 fringe styles

Lisa Vendor



Hello smexies!Tik Tok-Body care has few new releases.Is skin Dolores with nude face,comes in 5 tones.fair,medium,tan,deep tan and dark,with 2 cleavage options as always)All TIK TOK makeups fits great with Dolores,so you can wear your favorite)
TIK TOK-Dolores skin & shape_vendor
New makeups are set of 10 eyeshadows to make your look irresistible and set of 10 lipsticks.Eyeshadows fits great with all skins and lipsticks fit with many skins but try demo before you buy please)The only thing i know it lipsticks fit with Tik Tok skins)is for sure.
TIK TOK-Makeups_2 sets
And also Tik Tok has 2 new female shapes.Is Dolores shape and Liv shape.Soft faces and great body lines as always)
TIK TOK-Dolores skin&shape_poster
TikTok-Liv shape_vendor
Come to TIK TOK,Dont waste your time XD
Also used here:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello lovies!Truth Hawks has released 3 new female hairstyles and 1 male.Ill show you females hair today)And Glam Affair has sooo pretty new skin Eva!I love it.Face is so beatiful and body shaded great.So you will see some of Eva variations here)
Chantelle-63 streak options+standart version
Truth & Glam Affair2
Madeline-63 streak options + standart version
Truth & Glam Affair1
Nina-63 streak options + standart version
Truth & Glam Affair3
Also used-
Shape-TIK TOK-Liv(comming very very soon)

Look of the Day 07/11/2010

look of 7_11_2010

What i am wearing:

  • Hair- Melody in brown by IrEn
  • Skin&Shape - .:Anastasia:._glow_base by IrEn
  • Lashes- nano Prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Eyes-Shiny eyes 3 Black by [ENDEAVOR] cant find the store anymore o.O
  • Jeans-Belmar Skinny Jeans - Original Dark by [SC]
  • Jacket- olympus green by - funkstar - new location
  • Shoes- Parker Knit Boots - Black by [SC]
  • Hand- De Jolie Mains Hands by SLink
  • Lipstick-gloss 16-in Lipstick set 5-Fat packby TIK TOK

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New V2 Layer

At IrEn !!!

with and without Face




Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi!I made 3 new female shapes.All come with style cards,modify and no modify for your choice and free demo)Come to TIK TOK-Body care , feel beautiful)
TikTok-Maria shape_vendor
TikTok-Ilse shape_vendor
TIK TOK-Amelia shape_vendor