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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New and last releases by Truth and new Anya by Tik Tok!

New Truthies!
Gwyneth-63 streak options+standart version,with split attachment point option
Truth_25.11 & Anya by Tik Tok
Joey-63 streak options+standart version
Truth_25.11 & Anya by Tik Tok
Last releases
Truth & Tik Tok-2
Truth &Tik Tok
Truth & Tik Tok-3
Skins-TIK TOK-Body care-Anya
Shape-TIK TOK-Body care-Bony

Anya by Tik Tok-Body care!

Hello!I have released new basic skin for using with your favorite makeups(Tik Tok for example XD).Anya comes in 5 skin tones,pretty natural face and 2 cleavage options!All skins at Tik Tok now cost 299 Ld only and fat packs 990-1300)O_O yeah)))so basic skins for 299 too)
TIK TOK-Anya skin_vendor_main
TIK TOK-Anya-tan
TIK TOK-Anya-deep tan
TIK TOK-Anya-dark
TIK TOK-Anya-medium
TIK TOK-Anya-fair
TIK TOK-Body Care...We care of your body !!!