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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garage Releases!

Hello!Garage owner Slava Parkin released an amazing skin Beatrice!It comes in 3 skin tones and 10 make ups!All very soft.I wear it in 2 tone.

Beatrice have very nice face and body.Very clear.Tones are soft and creamy.
Also Slava Parkin released 2 new accessories set.
its Rura

Comes in 3 colours.Necklace and earrings.
And Gems

This set come in 4 versions.With different gems.Each set include earrings,necklace and ring.Im so sorry because i cant to show you how great it is looking.Textures on Rura and Gems are not usual.Textures play with the light when you move.Looks very realistic!!!!!And it without bling.So i like it very much!Come and see it in Garage!Dont miss it!

Skins and accessories-GARAGE
shoes-*Courtisane*-La Sauvage - Red
Hair #1-fri. - Deena - Blacks
Top-[SC] Surf Couture - Seaside One Piece - Cranberry
Belt-[SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Belt - Brown
Skirt-Emery - Skirt Highwaist Denim #Gray

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great news from *COURTISANE*!!!

Hello!Courtisane released new amazing shoes!!!Its the best shoes i ever seen in sl!Realy!Look

These shoes named La Sauvage.I show you all colours.Its yellow,red,mauve and champagne.You can wear it with and without cuff.Its mean you can wear it with different styles of clothes.you can play with it as you want.You can have fat pack or few colours of this shoes and make your own funny style.for example different colours for feet.You can play with one colour too of course)wear one shoe with cuff and second without.lol.I can talk very long tie because i realy inlove with these shoes and you will see many posts with me wearing it)and i cant choose one colour!i need all!because all colours are amazing!please click the picture and look the large image to see how much detailed shoes!Do it!Do it right now!Lol.
And dont wait for something!Run and grab it!

Shoes-*Courtisane*-La Sauvage-fat pack
Eyes-Iren-cute eyes
Skin-*LP* Ivanna skin bronze 4-
Dress-*LP* Krok Dress black

*LP* Design-very big glamourous post!!!

Hello!Liberty Shinn made few gorgeous things!look at it!

Its a Krok Dress and skin made by Liberty too!She named this skin Ivanna.

It comes in 2 skin tones Light and Bronxe.Both tones are very soft and natural.I like cleavage on Liberty's skins.Looks very hot.I like clear face and beautiful body.Here all make ups of Ivanna in pale.Then ill show you make ups in bronze tone

Look!both tones are amazing in all make ups.Come to LP and grab your demo!
Then i want to show you new clothes from *LP*

Its *LP* Believe carida overall and *LP* Believe overalle.Both looks very hot and glam.But you can play with it and make your own style!

Skins and clothes- *LP* Design
Shoes-*Courtisane*-La Sauvage
Accessories- TIK TOK
Eyes-Iren-cute eyes

Monday, April 26, 2010

IREN- Evangeline skin review

Irischka Hotshot made so amazing skin Evangeline!It comes in pale and sunburned skin tones.Have 2 breast versions.I wear it with Iren's hair.Love it so.Better look at it!!!!

All make ups are amazing!And i like very much beated Evangeline.Looks great.Irishka made very hard work and result are wonderfull!

Also you can find group gift skin Evangeline in group notices.You need to pay small fee for that!
Are you still here??What are you waiting for????Come and grab your demo!

Eyes-Iren-cute eyes
Bikini-Emery - Bikini R.F. #Mixed

TIK TOK at Alternative Fair

I wear Lola skin for Alternative fair with wonderfull dress and sandals from Surf Couture.My hair is Magika-doll in blacks.Belt from Surf Couture too.I love stuff from this store.
you can find all these make ups at Alt fair.All skins have 2 breast versions.

aLso TIK TOK offer you great accessories.

THese for your mouth.Very nice and funny)
And this set is more classic.It comes in 2 coclours.black and silver.attached on spine and chest.and both necklaces have silver and black loop.I wear with this set hair from Magika-darling.Looks great together)

Also TIK TOK offers you Gemstone bodyart.And you can find at Alt fair one of them
I wear it with Lola skin-Imagination for Alt Fair.With so nice hair from Tiny Bird and sweemsuit from Surf Couture.

Accessories-TIK TOK
Hair#3-Tiny Bird-Sodom South Georgia
dress-[SC] Surf Couture-Sway Sundress - Earth
belt-[SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Belt - Brown
sandals-[SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals - White
sweemsuit-[SC] Surf Couture - Seaside One Piece - Cranberry

Friday, April 23, 2010

IREN and Iruru at Alternative Fair

Hello!Its my first post and i will show you an amazing items from Iren and Iruru.First i want to tell you about skins!Irischka Hotshot made special skins for Alternative fair.And I think its great.All her skins have 2 cleavage versions.beautiful body,very cute face and pretty make ups.
This one is ::::Evangeline::::Elf has very soft face.i love it so much!I wear with this skin hair from Iren.you can find it at Alt fair.Its ::::Jessica ::::.here in blonde.All hair in Iren comes in 4 colours.blacks,blonde,brown and red.all hair scripted with texture change script and resizer.each colour include few tones.its mean you get more then one colour!its great!Also i wear Elven Ears with snail,its so cute!love it!I like this tattoo from Iruru.so interesting design!also find it at Alt fair.

Then next skin by Irischka-::::Evangeline::::ghost.Its so cool!Realy!Very high detailed.I wear it with ::::Jessica :::: in black colour.its my favorite,Elven Ears with fly.I know its not for ghost but i realy love to wear it together!Its so funny fly!Make me smile)Also you can see on the picture necklace with key and heart.Very cute by Iruru.

Here is Evangeline skins.Full set of make ups for Alternative Fair.Looks very unique!Love them all!Dont miss it and try your demo!

Here is Donation ::::Evangeline::::skin.Looks very hot!I wera it with Iren's hair(at ALt fair) named ::::Dorothy::::.Great hair!and its come in 4 colours too.with texture change sript and resixer.so you can fit it easy.By the way i never need to edit hair from Iren.You can change tones of your colour on Dorothy and also you can change band texture.few in menu)So its easy and very interesting!

Also Irischka has a special gift for you at Alt fair,Its dragonfly to your mouth!Comes in 5 colours)

skins,hair,ears,mouth accessories- IREN
tattoo,necklace,plasteers- Iruru