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Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Chance!

Last day of the IrEn Photo Contest... its your last chance to sent your Pictures.

After Deadline 12 Pictures will be chosen and putted out at the IrEn Mainstore for Voting.
The Model have to wear at least 1 IrEn Item!

Get all Information and Rules in the Mainstore by clicking the Poster!

Angel like....?

Dont think so

But this is my Look of the Day!


What i am wearing :

  • Skin- ::::Evangeline::::pale_everyday_freckles by IrEn
  • Shape- Nicole Update Shape by IrEn
  • Eyes- Cutie eyes Gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano Prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Hair-Chrissy Snow - chestnut by [Shag]
  • Piercing- Starstruck Facial Piercing Setby -PUNCTURE-

Friday, May 28, 2010

Who is...?

the cutest Doll Inworld?



Oh yes its me ;D


and now a closer look at this cute skin


What i am wearing:

  • Skin- 58_F1_E1_L0 by D-Skin + ::::Makeup::::v2_bleeding mascara by IrEn
  • Shape- Nicole update by IrEn
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Hair- Darla cocoa by TRUTH
  • Outfit- Harajuku Doll by NS
  • Shoes- Shin Boots by *League*

NEW! NEW! NEW @ TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

Hello!Truth Hawks released 3 amazing hairstyles!Look
Its Eloise

Its Larissa

Its Darla

Each hair comes in 11 colours and each colour contain 5 different tones

light blondes
dark blondes
light browns
dark browns
black & whites

Come to TRUTH and get your hair!

Also used
Skin-TIK TOK-Sabrina-coming soon
eyes-Iren-cutie eyes-gray
necklace-TIK TOK-Exotic v.1 less(chest)
dress-* Mimikri - Maxine nude

Thursday, May 27, 2010

All about League !

Yes i was in the Mood for this lol..


you should try this Look with the new Oracul Chibi Avatar AO!!
i swear.. you never saw something more cute as this !!!

YES! Ofcouse you will get a closeup of this awesome skin :D


and ofcourse of the super perfect Body xD


What i am wearing.. or not :)

  • Clothing- WoolStrapped outfit by *League*
  • Socks- Thermal Stockings White -Black Garter by *League*
  • Shoes - Shin Boots by *League*
  • Hair- micky dango by BP*
  • Skin- Taylor Suntan -Apricot- by *League*
  • Shape- Nicole update by IrEn
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • lashes- Nano Prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Acessories
  • Piercing- Starstruck Facial Piercing Set by PUNCTURE
  • Necklace- Black lace by TIK TOK
  • Cloth?? - Duct Tape Wrap by *League*
  • The Pose Frame is from -VP-

Look of the day

Skin-:GP: Sundust [Dark] Elf-Pure 1
Hair->TRUTH< Sylvia Streaked - champagne
necklace-TIK TOK-Exotic v.1 less(chest)
jacket-[SG*] Billie - Grey
skirt-*League* Multi-Stripe Mini-Skirt

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Skin Release

Meet Kate from IrEn


Includes 2 Cleavage Options and a freckled version. She comes in 3 Skin tones
dark, tan and pale


You can choose from 8 make ups each 750L and a fatpack is only 1800L

Hair i am wearing in the Ads are
  1. Big Pic - Breeze - Butterfinger by !lamb.
  2. Spring/Soil by .:[LK]:. Statement from Precious :Closed - for the moment
    Because i am too fucking lazy to get anything done. STOP DISTRACTING ME ! haha.. i am always asking xD so pls see here https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2187749
  3. Papercut II - Espresso by Cake
  4. Betty by (NO)

Look of the day

dress-Glam Affair- Evelyn Dress - The Dressing Room -70 ld only!
Glam Affair-Mainstore
skin-LAQ ~ Martina - 04 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase)
hair-LAQ ~ Claudia hair
eyes-IREN-cutie eyes-gray


I released new 4 jewerly sets named Exotic.Sets include necklace and earrings.Sets are copy,modify and NO transfer.I think its amazing!I love it and hope you will like it too!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Lily by Exodi!!!!

This skin is an as-yet UNRELEASED sneak peek of Lily v2 by Exodi! This gift skin includes light and dark brows and cleavage options. Freckles will be included on the final skin release, but NOT included with this gift.I dont make nude pictures but be sure that Lily has a very beautiful body)will waiting for Lily!

I wear Lily with my new shape Selena.Will be released soon)And i like these clothes from Zaara.I like this style so much)And also i wear with this outfit my favorite shoes from courtisane.

skins-:: Exodi :: Lily v2 - "Girlie" Skin (ALL TONES)-Group Gift
shape-Selena-TIK TOK-coming soon
hair->TRUTH< Sage - crow
eyes-IREN-cutie eyes
scarf-Zaara : Tanya Dupatta (scarf) *red-black*
tunic-Zaara :Adyan Kurta/Tunic *red*
pants-Zaara : Churidar slacks *black*
shoes-.*Courtisane*. La Sauvage - Graybrown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My favorite look of the day

Skin-:GP: Sundust [Dark] Elf-Soot 1
Hair->TRUTH< Isidora - espresso
eyes-IREN-cutie eyes-gray
pants-Zaara : Churidar slacks *black*
top-Zaara : Syona kurta/top-black
scarf-Zaara : Tanya Dupatta (scarf) *coffee-creme*
Belt-[SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Leather Belt - Brown

Saturday, May 22, 2010

TIK TOK-Super Bargain Saturday

For today i released this amazing skin.Look and come to TIK TOK to get it!60 ld only!RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!

Style card:
skin-TIK TOK-Super bargain saturday item
eyes-IREN-cutie gray

In Touch with Dutch Touch !

I adore Dutch Touch Skins !

The Dress i am wearing is an older one from Dutch Touch.. i love love love the Style..
Iki!! Dont forget your clothing line .. i want more of them !!!


yes i know......
I am in Spring Mood.. is that bad? :D


What i am wearing :


Today i like it more.. uhm.. elegant? Look yourself ;D


I love this Hair.. it has even 2 Parts to attach on Head and the tail on shoulder.. that means that it will not go into the Body if you are moving. And i just like the Hairstyle. I do not own much Shoes.. at all... yes!! really!!!! and Pumps? me? i more like Boots xD
But.. i love this one.. and i think they fit the outfit nice. I wear them always if i feel more Elegant :) And now a close up of this wonderful skin ! IFE.. love the eyes.. what do you think? It looks good as Elf too. The Cherry Blossom in my mouth remembers that we have Spring.. even if it is not that nice outside.. ( Germany.. very rainy this days)


What i am wearing :

  • Skin-IFEsunTan-base(D Brows) by [LeLutka]
  • Shape- Nicole Shape by IrEn
  • Hair- Bo Coffee by Maitreya
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano Prim lashes by IrEn

Look of the day

Hair->TRUTH< Sylvia - espresso
eyes-IREN-Cutie eyes-gray
skin-*League* Skin Medium -Misty- Natural (BT)
Dress-*League* Thermal Dress -Purple- (Open)
Stockings-*League* Thermal Stockings -Black
boots-*COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black-Group gift
necklace-TIK TOK-Magik set-black

Friday, May 21, 2010

50 % OFF !

50 % OFF ON all female IREN SKINS!!


IrEn Skin Sale Main


Hello!Truth Hawks released 4 new amazing hair!3 for girls and 1 for men!
Look)Its Anthea

Its Bettina

Its Sylvia

And here is a Style for men.. and not for small boys.lol.Meet Jason)))

Each hair comes in 11 colours and each colour contain 5 different tones

light blondes
dark blondes
light browns
dark browns
black & whites
VISIT TRUTH - Hair Salon

skin-GP Sundust Frex [Dark] Elf 2-Lore 1
male skin-IREN-NRD_west_01_no hair_face_01
eyes-IREN-Cutie eyes-gray
necklace-TIK TOK-Magik set-silver

Getting Sporty?

Hiyaz Girls..

i want to show you my Look of the Day.. i felt sporty today but wanted to stay sexy xD
so i mixed up a bit
here it comes..


What i am wearing :

  • Skin- Nastya 1 by July Moon ( suddenly disappeared,cant get in touch with owner)
  • Shape- Nicole update by IrEn
  • Eyes - Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano Prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Hair - dango hair by BP*
  • Shirt - Off Shoulder Top Grey by WWI
  • Shorts - Peekaboo Tiny Shorts White by WWI
  • Leggings - Group Gift Leggings 1 by SG*
  • Shoes - suede fringe boots by KAO

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look of the day

skin-LAQ ~ Martina - 03 [Peach] Glow skin
eyes-Iren-Cutie eyes-brown
hair->TRUTH< Isidora - espresso
outfit-[SG*] 2nd Moon - Grey
shoes-.*Courtisane*. La Sauvage - Graybrown(used without cuff)

Thirsty TIK TOK & IrEn !!!

Check out this cute skin for only 99L at TIK TOK !!!


and this mini Shirt for 30L at IrEn !!!

Thirsty Thursday

Why you are still here ???

Kiss This Baggy!

Sometimes i like it more grungy and urban.. so today you get this !

Kiss This!

Very cool Elven Girlie huh?

Hot Dumme

What i am wearing:

  • Skin- Acorn [Dark] Elf 2-Pure 3 by :GP:
  • Shape- Nicole update by IrEn
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Hair- *Camille *(Chestnut) by * 0 Style
  • Ears- Elven Ear[Rocker] by :GAUGED:
  • Accessoir- Hot Dumme( Mouth 2nd Pic) by IrEn MonoPhone (1st Pic) by *Cobrahive*
  • Tattoo- Dreams tattoo by IrUrU

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot Summer !

A day on the Beach

Ooooookay.. i was writing to Gala Phoenix some time ago "I HATE YOU GALA PHOENIX, cause i sooooo loove your skins" ( I hope she do not hate me for that LOL) This Girl makes me poor!
I own the most of her Skins in FATPACKS! And wanted to share with you all :)
The Ears from GAUGED are really best i got in SL.. they have a HUD whith that you can easely fit skin textures and even for all Accessories on them.

What i am wearing:

  • Skin- Acorn [Dark] Elf 2-Pure 3 by :GP:
  • Shape - ::::Nicole::::update_shape by IrEn
  • Hair- MOA 02 - Dark Chestnut by [69]
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes- gray by IrEn
  • Lashes - Nano prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Ears - Elven Ear[Rocker] by :GAUGED:
  • Cloth - Leelkini by .:LeeL:.
  • Sweat - Wearable Sweat by *eL*

The Natural Spring Look


I love the new Deetalez Skin. The Lips are adorable and the teeth are looking very realistic and do not make a "Bunny look".

What i am wearing :

  • Skin- Laura natural 1 sun by DeeTaleZ - with black make up Layer for viewer 2 by IrEn (coming soon)
  • Shape- Nicole update Shape by IrEn
  • Eyes - Cutie eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes nano prim by IrEn
  • Hair- OHR640 hair chocolate with hairpiece RUMI51 chocolate by booN
  • Tattoo- Fleurs Du Mal by IrUrU
  • Vest- Long Vest by fri.day
  • Armwarmer- Arm Warmers (black) by fri.day
  • Skirt- Hot Punk mini skirt by DeeTaleZ
  • Boots- 1.20 VING Boots by Shiny Things


The Model have to wear at least one IrEn Item..
Go to IrEn and get the NC with important informations by clicking the Poster!!!