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Monday, June 27, 2011

Natural Beauty news !

Hello all!Today is so sunny mmmmmm...Im lazy and sleepy.Thats my morning ! What i wanted to say... I´m strange.yeah. Do you know that i made accessories in past?I did...And then i removed all of them because i wanted to have only one way stuff in my store. That means skins,shapes,cosmetics. But many people ask me about my mouth things and i though i´ll put them back. But i wanted to make separate(?) store for my accessories so i created the brand name !GIRLFRIEND . Think its cool. I made new vendors with new name, released and went to sleep.yesterday. Today i think.and what??wtf will i have 2 separate stores? LOL i dunno what happened with my brain, just i like when store name sounds like what sold there.Think i had to name my store Miah McAuley at the beginning. Heh... What to do?I dont know. lol
Well,my english is bad so i cant type a lot, look new(or no that new) releases by Natural Beauty alias !GIRLFRIEND
!GIRLFRIEND-Cherry blossom
!GIRLFRIEND-Classic red rose
!GIRLFRIEND-Green peace
!GIRLFRIEND-Ladybugs friends
!GIRLFRIEND-Ladybugs in love
!GIRLFRIEND-Mouth beads black
!GIRLFRIEND-Mouth beads silver
!GIRLFRIEND-Pearl beads set black
!GIRLFRIEND-Pearl beads set white
!GIRLFRIEND-Soft orange rose
!GIRLFRIEND-Soft pink rose
Visit multiple store Natural Beauty !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Tulip by Natural Beauty !

Hello ladies!I happy to present you the newest face of Natural Beauty-Tulip.Skin is basic and comes with red and dark brows,with and without freckles,in 3 skin tones:pale,medium and tan,in 2 cleavage versions.
Tulip is very soft and natural girl .Also Tulip shape available at the store.
Natural Beauty-Tulip skin&shape
Visit Natural Beauty !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fashion Garret

Good Morning, Good evening, good night... wherever you are, the TFG is opening its doors ! And this skin is my 70L$ Item for the 11th Round !

Have fun at The Fashion Garret !

Willow for TFG

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chica Bomb!

Look of the Day !

[SC] Sally

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



This cardigan comes in 13 colors and you can wear it with or without hood. Each cost 99L$ but the whole Fatpack is only 299L$!!!

Get it at The little sewing corner

Little Sewing Corner

New skin with 6 makeups,freckles,teeth or dimples for only 999L$
at The Little Sewing Corner


Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW ELITE SHAPES at Natural Beauty !!!

Natural Beauty-Elite Shapes-Odette
Natural Beauty-Elite Shapes-Jewel
Natural Beauty-Elite Shapes-Candy
All demos are free,visit Natural Beauty and try it.Have a good day !

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grunge Soul Project

This event starts at 13th and here is my Item for it :) I hope you like :D
You can have this skin from IREN , for only 100L$ at the Grunge Soul Project


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Iren@ TFG

Its new Round at TFG and this is my Item for you .. you can get this overall with 2 different pants for only 50L$ at TheFashionGerret

TheFashionGerret Overall

Clearence SKINS SALE at Natural Beauty!

Hello!I put 7 skins on sale,all skins for 99L$ only,think the sale will run until tomorrow(!) and then ill take all these to my inventory :-P
TikTok_Rita-skin line_main vendor
TIK TOK-Rita skin line_makeups
TIK TOK-Bony skin&shape_vendor
TIK TOK-Dolores skin & shape_vendor
TIK TOK-Anya skin_vendor_main
TIK TOK-Camilla-tan-skin&shape
TIK TOK-Camilla-medium-skin&shape
Natural Beauty(tik tok)-Camilla-fair-skin
TIK TOK-Camilla-deep tan-skin&shape
TIK TOK-Camilla-dark-skin&shape
Natural Beauty-Pure Juice event-Galina
TikTok_Rita skin vendor_main
Visit Natural Beauty !

Friday, June 10, 2011


This Retro Shirt or dress (whatever you want it to be lol ) is availeble in 6 colors ,each for only 75L$ at IREN

Retro shirt/dress

This skin is called Iris and is availeble at Depraved Dealers in 5 makeups + nude version for only 180L$ each.

Iris-skin-depraved dealers

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gogo and me

Gogo and me
Hiiiiiii!!Good morning everyone!Today is wonderfull morning!Sunshine and birds singing aaaaand great feelings! Aemeth Lysette is so talanted!She is rl artist and makes wonderfull portraits!First i saw one of her works in GOGO blog.She made one with Gogo and i just falled inlove,visited Aemeth store to purchase Gogo portrait and saw another awesome pictures and makeups also!First time in sl i asked for a custom work.Asked Aemeth Lysette to make one for me too,and today in the morning i already recieved it on my mail as well inworld!!I was just OMG!! She made me as i am in rl and sl.lol!The picture brings how i feel and my mentality,I so damn love it!Happy!Thank you very much Aemeth!And thank you Gogo for letting us know about talanted people!Look Aemeth Lysette other works on her flickr
She takes reasonably comissions.
Purchase portaits or ask to make your own!You will love it as we do!I build new store and will have these portaits there on my walls)So,Gogo,Im not sure you were in my store,but now you live there,LOL!