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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chic Boutique,XYroom. By Natural Beauty

Hey!Natural Beauty again ready to amaze you with new adorable and cheap releases!
Chic Boutique item 75L$
Natural Beauty-Larisa-special edition for Chic Boutique 75L$
XYroom items for 99L$
Natural Beauty-Larisa-special edition for XYroom 99L$
And for men.Also great on girls
Natural Beauty-Robert-shape &tattoo layer-for XYroom 99L$

Girls hair-TRUTH,Maitreya
Boy's hair-TRUTH

Sooooo many NEWS! Part 2 :D

Ok.. this is the 2nd Part of the newzzz..

New Round of Chic Boutique started and i made this dress for it. You can get it for only 65L$

Blue dress

I found this adorable, really so nice done teights at mstyle. I never went there(yes i know they are on cheesecake and i still not was there ,shame on me ) and was like WOW! this tights are seamlesssss! not many designer get rid of the side seams. but there really arent some! omg


Next news is the Depraved Urban Wreckage HUNT. Its started 1st.August and you are searching for this Corsett at Iren.

Depraved Urban Wreckage HUNT

Skin-Melissa-Iren (yes! i am really wearing it all the time :))
Hair- Kik
Tattoo- Snake full body tattoo-IRURU
Earrings- Savannah´s Oasis (commin soon)

and one more Hunt started is the Rock Attitude Hunt at AMERICAN BAZAAR & ANCAYI Mall.
Most of the Stores putted out an Item for only 5L$. Check it out. This is my Item.

rock attitude hunt iren item

Sooooo many NEWS!

Hello Darlings.. where shall i start??? So i will split all this newness in at least 2 Posts :D

1st. there is a new Release at IREN Mainstore and you can have this Blouson for only 75L$



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there is a GRAND OPENNING: at 1st of August 2011 of the NEW XYROOM! ou can have all items under 100L$ there.So i made a special color of this Blouson for it.


Skin- Melissa-Iren

as in the XYROOM are female AND (yes, really even..) male itemzz! I made this fishnet shirt for you boys.The net you can wear with or without the tee and get it for 50L$.

xy room male :D

Skin- not released yet