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Sunday, October 31, 2010

TRUTH is hot!

This week Truth Hawks has released 4 new hairstyles,3 females and 1 male)
Tamina with split attachment point option,63 streak options + standart version
Liv with split attachment point option,63 sreak options + standart version
Cleo 63 sreak options + standart version
And Drake,is male hairstyle but perfect on girls too)-63 sreak options + sandart version

Also used
Shape-TIK TOK-Rita v2
Teeth layer-TIK TOK-teehy v3
pants and boots-COCO

Friday, October 29, 2010


All Makeups and additions that are included are on Viewer 2 Tattoo Layer.

This Skin comes in 5 Skintones ( Base+Freckled version), with 7 Makeup layers,lipgloss, Prim lashes, tattoo with and without face tattoo, Blush, 2 kinds of Teeth and 4 kind of dimples..

You can even combine them in Kristens viewer for example, where you are able to wear multiple tattoo layer at once.

You get this pack for 1200 L$

At IrEn !



The Hyperion Hotel !

The fourth annual Halloween Event will be held on the Pulse, Nomine, Snatch City and New Kaddath Sims from October 17th-November 14th. Designed with a love of horror films and games, DIVE includes multiple levels of scary fun for you and your friends. With hidden gifts from !Retox!, Sn@tch, [Gauze], Forsaken, Nomine, A-Bomb, Dreams, IrEn, Fierce and many more of the stores on our sims, navigate the game and discover clues and solve puzzles that will tell the horrible hotel's story and advance you to the frightening conclusion!

This Halloween...we invite you to DIVE. Enter the Hyperion Hotel. Since 1925 it has entertained guests from Dignitaries and Senators to Movie Stars and Authors. A formidable structure with a dark and deadly history and some who check in, check out in a body bag and some never check out at all! Over the past 85 years there have been at least 20 murders, suicides and even more disappearances. You have been hired by an unnamed third party as a paranormal investigator to go in and decide once and for all if the rumors are true. Is the Hyperion haunted? It is your job to investigate inside the walls of the once magnificent hotel. You will be the only guest and with your DIVE Unit which can read the spiritual energies of the past, you will discover the secrets of the old building. Be careful though, one misstep could be your last!

You will need to collect clues and solve simple puzzles to get to the next levels so search everywhere and click everything you can. Like a video game you will need to open doors and find paths to move forward.

This Skin is my Gift for you :D

Its sooooooo much fun !!!

Here is the TAXI to the Hyperion Hotel !


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miah by IREN !!!

Yay!!!Miah by Iren is me!
Miah is recently released skin line at Iren by Irischka Hotshot)I wear here Miah in glow tone,evening makeup.I add my teeth..by me. because i just cant take it off.lol
Is a winter pic because i already have winter in my rl)
Miah by Iren
Miah by Iren_closer

Shape-TIK TOK-Rita v2
eyes-IREN-cutie eyes-gray
teeth layer-TIK TOK-teethy v3
hair-Exile-breeze-dark browns
all clothes and boots-COCO

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week TRUTH hair
Jackie 18 headband options,8 tip options +standart
Truth-Tik Tok-Coco
Rei 26 streak options +standart version
Truth-Tik Tok-Coco-2
Robyn 8 tip options +standart
Truth-Tik Tok-Coco-3

skin-TIK TOK-Rita-fair-cl-natural
teeth layer-TIK TOK-teethy v2
shape-TIK TOK-Rita v2

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

43 NEW MAKEUPS and 10 Ld OFFER at TIK TOK!!!

Hi all!Today i have released 43 new makeups!2 sets of eyeshadows,2 sets of lipgloss which not change original shape and texture of lips,just change the colour,Also i made 3 versions of teeth,sooo pretty!Yay!
I have special offer.Is 6 tattoo layers pack of freckles and blushes for 10 Ld only)You will find it on the floor in the box with Tik Tok logo near all makeups))Demo available as well)Special offer for 5 days only
TIK TOK-Teethy set
TIK TOK-2 Lip gloss sets
TIK TOK-2 makeup sets
Teeth and eyeshadows fits all skin,i check))And lip gloss fits many skins too,but try demo first please)
Come to TIK TOK-Body Care, feel beautiful!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Rita by TIK TOK !!!

HI all!I have released new skin line named Rita,she comes in 5 skin tones within 5 makeups and 2 cleavage options.Rita is fresh,young and charming)I made 2 shapes for her so you have to choose from)Also i made a group gift.you can grab it at the store.so look and come to TIK TOK to try Rita)
TikTok_Rita-skin line_main vendor
TIK TOK-Rita skin line_makeups

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday at Tik Tok

TIK TOK-Thirsty Thursday skin_vendor

Thirsty Thursday at IrEn

Taxi to IrEn

Hair for 99L$

Caramel Apple Pie_IrEn

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New female Skin

New smexy skin for you girls :D
Check it out ! at IrEn
Groupgift in Notices- 180L$ fee


Monday, October 18, 2010

MEGA-RELEASE of MAKEUPS at TIK TOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!I have released 102 makeups for viewer 2!!!!!60 eye makeups,30 lipsticks,12 runny mascara!Eye shadows and mascara fits all skins,and lipstick fit with my Heather and Juicy skins,but i tryed it with Laq skins also,Nellie for example,and its looks good))So first try demo please) hope you like it)Enjoy!Taxi to TIK TOK
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part4
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part1
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part2
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part3
Do you know that you can wear as many tats as you want same time if you use viewer 2.1 or Kirsten's viewer?yes,you can!And its so great!NOw you know if you didnt before)))Have a lovely day!<33333333333333333333333333

Look of the Day!

There are new Hair availeble at [69] .. to paid member only access for first new release week. After this time the hair will be availeble for all. Here are some of the Hairstyles.


  • Hair- Jessica 01+02 and Mimi 01 in Dark AshBrown by [69]
  • Eyes and Lashes - by IrEn
  • Skin- JoLie in Olive - Eagle by DUTCH TOUCH
  • Makeup- Makeup set 2_1 by TikTok
  • Shape- Elise by TikTok
  • Outfit- TARY - CINDER by MIEL

New female hair

Taxi http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blackmoore/90/121/32


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Casual Look of the Day

  • Hair- Seven Days Cowl/Black by ~Scribble~
  • Skin- Shane lucky by IrEn (Lucky Chair)
  • Pants- Overload Jeans by IrEn
  • Shirt- LongSleevesSweater by *COCO*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lucky Chair at IrEn

Shane update skin in special skintone and with freckles.

Here the Taxi


Monday, October 11, 2010

TIK TOK-at the Call for couture festivale!!!

HI lovies!Tik Tok participating at the CALL FOR COUTURE FESTIVALE.I made this pretty nude skin in 5 tones and shape)Later ill make full Rita collection)But you can get this nude one on the festivale and then visit TIK TOK and try makeups as tattoo layers)))Also I have one Exclusive limited edition skin for you at Auction there,only 5 copies inworld.And you can bid for it now)
TikTok_Rita skin vendor_main
Tik Tok-Rita-Limited Edition skin_vendor
P.S you will find the map there with stores names,push Tik Tok button to tp directly,also feel free to use my profile for it)))you will have red clue)
Love you aaall!!!!<3333333333333333333333333

Unique Megastore- Meggan skin

Meggan is adorable skin from Unique megastore.She has cute young face with beautiful lashes.Meggan comes in tan tone in 12 gorgeous makeups,2 of them with open mouth.Looks very cute.Each skin has cleavage and hairbase options.Her body shaded great.Meggan is very beautiful!It is the skin you must to have!realy XD.Also i wear Meggan eyes,Look,its amazing eyes,so realistic and beautiful!
Come to Unique Megastore

Also used:
Hair-Truth-Leighton 2
Shape-Tik Tok-Gem

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Bargain Saturday!

You will find this skin at the store! XD
TikTok-Juicy skin_vendor SBS
Come to TIK TOK-Body care

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello!This week Truth Hawks has released 3 new hairstyles.Lets look
Blake-26 streak options + standart version, clip with 18 colours
Annika-26 streak options + standart version
Leighton-26 streak options + standart version,plain bun version included
Each hair comes in 11 colours and each colour contain 5 different tones

light blondes
dark blondes
light browns
dark browns
black & whites

skin-TIK TOK-Rita-tan-nude-coming soon on Call for Couture festivale
shape-TIK TOK-Rita-comming soon on Call for Couture festivale
jacket and bra-Emery
skirt-cynful-part of outfit for Call for Couture festivale
shoes-COCO-cutout boots

Fair for a Pair

Hurry up and visit the Breast cancer awareness fair..
here is the TAXI

BCA Logo 3 copy

Thirsty Thursday at TIK TOK !!!

Hi all!Very quick post because im very very very very busy.lol.Just wanted to let you know that beautiful skin is waiting for you at the store.I made it for Unicef project but now you can get it for 99 Ld only))
Thirsty Thursday at Tik Tok
Skin-TIK TOK-Body care-Heather-TT item
Shape-TIK TOK-Body care-Stella-2
Lashes(tattoo layer,i forgot what is EDIT lashes,These always fit perfectly)-GARAGE
Hair-TRUTH-Mavi, so cute,i wear it always.Its my favorite truthies)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Taxi to Location !

This is new location to IrEn Mainstore!!!
With new MM Gift and new Skin prices.

new location Iren Mainstore


New at Truth!!!

Hi!Truth Hawks has released new hair again and all arre pretty as always)
Tara -26 streak options+standart version.Band with 18 colours + plain option
Allegra-26 streak options + standart version
Estelle-26 streak options + standart version.wit split attachment point option

Each hair comes in 11 colours and each colour contain 5 different tones

light blondes
dark blondes
light browns
dark browns
black & whites

skin-TIK TOK-Juicy-mocha-evening
shape-TIK TOK-Juicy