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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Courtisane - Esprit De Sable

Esprit De Sable-all colours.Love it

I feeling spring!

What is winter for me?It is snow,frost and HOLIDAYS!I wait for xmas,prepare gifts for people who i love,i like xmas tree.I love xmas movies)We havent xmas on 25 of december,but have on 7 of january.Cause of sl i celebrate xmas twice,and love new year too.BUT when holidays ending,i dont want winter anymore and waiting for spring,first little green grass,and all begin smelling spring))So is already spring in my soul)I cant take pics inside my studio cause of my bad graphic card.i love sl but is not looks beautiful for me,im sorry if you bored of studio pics but is no another way for me at this moment.
This look is very spring for me)
full height pic.i make it not often cause of graphic card too.but try to do my best
Feeling spring
It is soo me!
Lipstick with teeth-Natural Beauty
Shape-Natural Beauty-Viva (soon)
dress-Emery(was at TDR)