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Saturday, May 22, 2010

TIK TOK-Super Bargain Saturday

For today i released this amazing skin.Look and come to TIK TOK to get it!60 ld only!RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!

Style card:
skin-TIK TOK-Super bargain saturday item
eyes-IREN-cutie gray

In Touch with Dutch Touch !

I adore Dutch Touch Skins !

The Dress i am wearing is an older one from Dutch Touch.. i love love love the Style..
Iki!! Dont forget your clothing line .. i want more of them !!!


yes i know......
I am in Spring Mood.. is that bad? :D


What i am wearing :


Today i like it more.. uhm.. elegant? Look yourself ;D


I love this Hair.. it has even 2 Parts to attach on Head and the tail on shoulder.. that means that it will not go into the Body if you are moving. And i just like the Hairstyle. I do not own much Shoes.. at all... yes!! really!!!! and Pumps? me? i more like Boots xD
But.. i love this one.. and i think they fit the outfit nice. I wear them always if i feel more Elegant :) And now a close up of this wonderful skin ! IFE.. love the eyes.. what do you think? It looks good as Elf too. The Cherry Blossom in my mouth remembers that we have Spring.. even if it is not that nice outside.. ( Germany.. very rainy this days)


What i am wearing :

  • Skin-IFEsunTan-base(D Brows) by [LeLutka]
  • Shape- Nicole Shape by IrEn
  • Hair- Bo Coffee by Maitreya
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes gray by IrEn
  • Lashes- Nano Prim lashes by IrEn

Look of the day

Hair->TRUTH< Sylvia - espresso
eyes-IREN-Cutie eyes-gray
skin-*League* Skin Medium -Misty- Natural (BT)
Dress-*League* Thermal Dress -Purple- (Open)
Stockings-*League* Thermal Stockings -Black
boots-*COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black-Group gift
necklace-TIK TOK-Magik set-black