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Sunday, December 5, 2010

NEW releases on lazy sunday at TIK TOK!

I made sweaters!Its already out for 75 Ld each,but on monday its will be for usual price)Sweaters have 2 collar versions.with and without beads)Dont miss it!
TIK TOK-Winter Pretty sweater-white
TIK TOK-Winter Pretty sweater-pink
TIK TOK-Winter Pretty sweater-grey\
TIK TOK-Winter Pretty sweater-black
Visit Tik Tok-Body care
Skin&shape-TIK TOK-Body care-Camilla(soon)

TIK TOK at The Snowflake Experience

25% of this set going to charity
TIK TOK-TSE event-frosty doll_makeups set_vendor