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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Business Lady!

I was not availeble for some days.. after i came back, i needed 30 minues to read all the Notecards from customers.. I love the ones that write Notecards, cause my IMs are always capped.
Ok .. so i felt like a real business Lady xD
and was even wearing this outfit for that.

business lady

What i am wearing :

  • Shape- my own
  • Skin- Cutie pale by IrEn ( the pale one not released yet)
  • Eyes-Shiny eyes 3 Black (Large) by [ENDEAVOR] +
  • - Sparkling anim for eyes by YUI Particle Design
  • (cant tell the url cause cant find the shop anymore)
  • Lashes- Nano Prim lashes by IrEn
  • Hair- Cricket-[Black] by Kin
  • Shirt- Finance Blouse (White) by Snatch
  • Pants- CHALDEA /black by [LeLutka]
  • Bracelets- Viking cuffs - Black by Ducknipple
  • Shoes- PURE by 2REAL

3 NEW Hairstyles at TRUTH

Hello all.Im little bit late because i feel not so good with my health in rl.but anyway idlove to blog about 3 new amazing hairstyles by Truth Hawks
Lucille-22 streak options + standart version

Iris-20 bead options + standart version

Rayne-22 streak options + standart version & detachable colour-change bow

Each hair comes in 11 colours and each colour contain 5 different tones

light blondes
dark blondes
light browns
dark browns
black & whites

Also used
skin-*League* Skin Sunkiss -Taylor- NudePink
Shape-TIK TOK-Milla