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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing Malinka !!!

Hello,i happy to present newest face of Natural Beauty- Malinka! Malinka's name means raspberry to russian language,so its juicy and summer skin.Malinka comes in 8 shades.Pale,fair,medium,sunkissed,tan,deep tan,mocha and ebony
Each pack contain- 10 makeups (for all tastes)
2 browes versions (lighter and darker)
2 cleavage options
Browes shaper
System lashes remover
So each pack contain 40 skins.

Natural Beauty-Malinka skin&shape vendor with tones


Natural Beauty-Malinka skin&shape-makeup_chart

1490 for fat pack! Also released Malinka-1 shape (this one on pics).All demos are free)Enjoy Malinka!
More pics you can see on my flickr

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Eyes and lashes-Redgrave