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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

meshes rules !

Yes.. i know this is not the best pose to make a picture of a dress.. but!
This is a mesh dress!

Look how it streches with the leg!
this is awesome.. i love mesh clothing :)


skin-iren not released yet
dress by JANE

75 l Skin SALE&TFG

Each week a handful designer, brings you new skins for only 75L$.. its new releases,pre releases, old releases and special makeups ! this is my special one for this event at the 75L$ Skin Sale

melissa_75l skin sale

TFG is back again from summer holidays !
This is my item

TFG is back

Monday, August 29, 2011

Second Life arrived in the future..finally!


I will show you now some item you can wear with the new mesh viewer.. i love it and i think this is the best thing LL did to Secondlife! YES.. with this Second Life finally arrived in the future :)



this is just awesome ! Look at this skirt. Mesh clothes are moving with the avatar.
Its like you are wearing a flexi sculptie but much better! JANE is one of the first stores with awesome new mesh clothing! check it out!!!!

Oh my ghad!

2nd- Hair- Clawtooth
Skin- Iren- not released yet
pumps from mon tissou
shoes by 2real
Shirt by league
Mesh clothing by JANE!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Closing SALE !

Yes a very sad message this is ... FUNKSTAR is closing its doors.
But before !.... There is a huge sale where you can save up to .. sit down..
where you can save up to 95% !!! And this items will be gone forever after the sale.. that means You will belong to a small quantity of people with that Items..

Look for example on this Olympus Jacket and "Roots" jeans.. there is a female and male version in store


next i want to show you this sexy and very cool outfit.. run to FUNKSTAR and check out the SALE! I am sure you will find something you like !


Skin&Shape- Iren
Hair- Maitreya
Shoes- 2Real
Boots- mon tissou
clothes- funkstar

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My girly Look of the day

Hey girls.. here is a new Look for you :)
My look of the Day.. why?
Because i feel a bit girly and bitchy today and i think that looks phantastic.

There is a small store named RONSEM..
I really like to shop there and i found this new and awesome skirt there. So i thought i need to show you this! The Hair is from Clawtooth one of my favourite Hair stores in SL. The shoes are from 2Real! o.O they are so perfect done.. and you can change the color of each small part on them with a HUD.
I already posted this tights from MStyle .. but.. i just love them so you will see them more often :D The Skin is one i am working on for an event, but i am not happy with it yet.. its a PRE version so not availeble yet :))

Monday, August 22, 2011

Look of the day

after i had a hard weekend .. my rl Birthday :)

This is a short look i wanted to share with you.

hello mister

Hair- Magika
Shoes- elikatira
Clothing & necklace by Tres Blah 50L$ Friday still there i just got it and its monday ! so hurry

Friday, August 19, 2011

Great cheap things by Natural Beauty!

75L$ SKIN at Chic Boutique
Natural Beauty-Malinka-special edition for Chic Boutique

75L$ SKIN at 75L$ Skins sale event
Natural Beauty-Tulip-special edition for 75L$ SKIN SALE event

75L$ SHAPE with full style card.usual price 650.now discounted at 75L$ SHAPE and makeup section
Natural Beauty-Angel

Group gift available last 3 days at Natural Beauty.free to join
Natural Beauty-Group gift

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me !

I am not sure if i shall be happy or depressed to have a 3.. infront of my age :) But it is so lol.. I will get it at the 19th. So i made a birthday gift for you all you can get it in the IREN Mainstore

Have fun and i hope you all like :D

happy birthday gift

Group B Day Gift with 99L$ joining fee is this



Get this summer overalls at IREN! and earn compliments how youthful and cute you look :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


New dress at IREN

check it out ;D

as always there is a 30% discount on Fatpacks for Group Member

Folds Dress

Hair- [69] Sixty Nine
Skin- Dutch Touch
Pumps- Mon Tissou

Sunday, August 14, 2011

GIFT for members of Natural Beauty group

Thank you for being with Natural Beauty!Love you!
Natural Beauty-Group gift
Free to join.
Taxi to Natural Beauty

Lazy sunday at Natural Beauty !

My 75L$ gorgeous skin :P
Natural Beauty-Tulip-special edition for Lazy sunday 75L$
TAXI to Natural Beauty

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

75 L$ SKIN by Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty-Selena-special for 75L$ SKIN SALE


At IREN-Mainstore

retro collection

Today is the Mid Week Boardwalk Sale!
it takes place every Wednesday at Jersey Shore Sim!
Parcipating stores put out one discounted item infront of their shops at the Broadwalk. So you can take a walk and shopping in a wonderful summer and beach themed sim.

check it out... this is my item for today only. So hurry up!

Only Today!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday

First time i parcipating in the Lazy Sunday Event !

What better way to spend your "Lazy Sunday" then shopping on discounted items? Couldn't think of a better way? Well neither couldn't either!

Find something new to do with your Sunday's!
On Sundays, a group of extremely talented designers put out a new or previously released item discounted to 75L. The items will be discounted at 12AM until 11:59PM all day Sunday!

So hurry :) Touch the Lazy Sunday Sign to get more Info on this event and to join the Group for a weekly List of parcipating Designers !

This is my Item this week at IREN! Hope you like this Patchwork dress :D

Lazy Sunday :D

Skin-Megan by Redgrave
Hair- Taylor by Dernier Cri

Friday, August 5, 2011

New and modern

This new and absolutely modern and youthfull outfit is a new release at IREN !

Jump in there and check out all the cool stuff !

Bye MA! Hello USA

Shoes-FIR & MNA

Thursday, August 4, 2011

NEW Summer Dresses!

There are 3 cutest Summer Dresses out at IREN!
You will love to wear them and get compliments!

as always there is 30% discount with Iren-Grouptag on the Fatpack that ALREADY offers one free dress!

Get them NOW!

Out now summer dresses in IreN

skin- Body.co
Hair- lamb/clawtooth

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love Peace and Joy!

Today is the Mid Week Boardwalk Sale!
it takes place every Wednesday at Jersey Shore Sim!
Parcipating stores put out one discounted item infront of their shops at the Broadwalk. So you can take a walk and shopping in a wonderful summer and beach themed sim.

check it out... this is my item for today only. So hurry up!

Flower Power Skirt

Hair- My Lovelyness by Iren
Skin- Mini by LAQ
Top-Cropped tank by mon tissu

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chic Boutique,XYroom. By Natural Beauty

Hey!Natural Beauty again ready to amaze you with new adorable and cheap releases!
Chic Boutique item 75L$
Natural Beauty-Larisa-special edition for Chic Boutique 75L$
XYroom items for 99L$
Natural Beauty-Larisa-special edition for XYroom 99L$
And for men.Also great on girls
Natural Beauty-Robert-shape &tattoo layer-for XYroom 99L$

Girls hair-TRUTH,Maitreya
Boy's hair-TRUTH

Sooooo many NEWS! Part 2 :D

Ok.. this is the 2nd Part of the newzzz..

New Round of Chic Boutique started and i made this dress for it. You can get it for only 65L$

Blue dress

I found this adorable, really so nice done teights at mstyle. I never went there(yes i know they are on cheesecake and i still not was there ,shame on me ) and was like WOW! this tights are seamlesssss! not many designer get rid of the side seams. but there really arent some! omg


Next news is the Depraved Urban Wreckage HUNT. Its started 1st.August and you are searching for this Corsett at Iren.

Depraved Urban Wreckage HUNT

Skin-Melissa-Iren (yes! i am really wearing it all the time :))
Hair- Kik
Tattoo- Snake full body tattoo-IRURU
Earrings- Savannah´s Oasis (commin soon)

and one more Hunt started is the Rock Attitude Hunt at AMERICAN BAZAAR & ANCAYI Mall.
Most of the Stores putted out an Item for only 5L$. Check it out. This is my Item.

rock attitude hunt iren item

Sooooo many NEWS!

Hello Darlings.. where shall i start??? So i will split all this newness in at least 2 Posts :D

1st. there is a new Release at IREN Mainstore and you can have this Blouson for only 75L$



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there is a GRAND OPENNING: at 1st of August 2011 of the NEW XYROOM! ou can have all items under 100L$ there.So i made a special color of this Blouson for it.


Skin- Melissa-Iren

as in the XYROOM are female AND (yes, really even..) male itemzz! I made this fishnet shirt for you boys.The net you can wear with or without the tee and get it for 50L$.

xy room male :D

Skin- not released yet