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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great news from *COURTISANE*!!!

Hello!Courtisane released new amazing shoes!!!Its the best shoes i ever seen in sl!Realy!Look

These shoes named La Sauvage.I show you all colours.Its yellow,red,mauve and champagne.You can wear it with and without cuff.Its mean you can wear it with different styles of clothes.you can play with it as you want.You can have fat pack or few colours of this shoes and make your own funny style.for example different colours for feet.You can play with one colour too of course)wear one shoe with cuff and second without.lol.I can talk very long tie because i realy inlove with these shoes and you will see many posts with me wearing it)and i cant choose one colour!i need all!because all colours are amazing!please click the picture and look the large image to see how much detailed shoes!Do it!Do it right now!Lol.
And dont wait for something!Run and grab it!

Shoes-*Courtisane*-La Sauvage-fat pack
Eyes-Iren-cute eyes
Skin-*LP* Ivanna skin bronze 4-
Dress-*LP* Krok Dress black