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Friday, April 23, 2010

IREN and Iruru at Alternative Fair

Hello!Its my first post and i will show you an amazing items from Iren and Iruru.First i want to tell you about skins!Irischka Hotshot made special skins for Alternative fair.And I think its great.All her skins have 2 cleavage versions.beautiful body,very cute face and pretty make ups.
This one is ::::Evangeline::::Elf has very soft face.i love it so much!I wear with this skin hair from Iren.you can find it at Alt fair.Its ::::Jessica ::::.here in blonde.All hair in Iren comes in 4 colours.blacks,blonde,brown and red.all hair scripted with texture change script and resizer.each colour include few tones.its mean you get more then one colour!its great!Also i wear Elven Ears with snail,its so cute!love it!I like this tattoo from Iruru.so interesting design!also find it at Alt fair.

Then next skin by Irischka-::::Evangeline::::ghost.Its so cool!Realy!Very high detailed.I wear it with ::::Jessica :::: in black colour.its my favorite,Elven Ears with fly.I know its not for ghost but i realy love to wear it together!Its so funny fly!Make me smile)Also you can see on the picture necklace with key and heart.Very cute by Iruru.

Here is Evangeline skins.Full set of make ups for Alternative Fair.Looks very unique!Love them all!Dont miss it and try your demo!

Here is Donation ::::Evangeline::::skin.Looks very hot!I wera it with Iren's hair(at ALt fair) named ::::Dorothy::::.Great hair!and its come in 4 colours too.with texture change sript and resixer.so you can fit it easy.By the way i never need to edit hair from Iren.You can change tones of your colour on Dorothy and also you can change band texture.few in menu)So its easy and very interesting!

Also Irischka has a special gift for you at Alt fair,Its dragonfly to your mouth!Comes in 5 colours)

skins,hair,ears,mouth accessories- IREN
tattoo,necklace,plasteers- Iruru