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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot Summer !

A day on the Beach

Ooooookay.. i was writing to Gala Phoenix some time ago "I HATE YOU GALA PHOENIX, cause i sooooo loove your skins" ( I hope she do not hate me for that LOL) This Girl makes me poor!
I own the most of her Skins in FATPACKS! And wanted to share with you all :)
The Ears from GAUGED are really best i got in SL.. they have a HUD whith that you can easely fit skin textures and even for all Accessories on them.

What i am wearing:

  • Skin- Acorn [Dark] Elf 2-Pure 3 by :GP:
  • Shape - ::::Nicole::::update_shape by IrEn
  • Hair- MOA 02 - Dark Chestnut by [69]
  • Eyes- Cutie Eyes- gray by IrEn
  • Lashes - Nano prim Lashes by IrEn
  • Ears - Elven Ear[Rocker] by :GAUGED:
  • Cloth - Leelkini by .:LeeL:.
  • Sweat - Wearable Sweat by *eL*