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Friday, June 4, 2010


Hello all!Black and blue fair started!And i made special stuff for this fair for promo prices.You will be surprised.
Its special skins.Variation of my Sabrina released few days ago.You can find these skins near the place where you will tp for 120 ld!LOL.Yeah.Im crazy)I love these skins.I think you will love it too)I hope)Heh

And here you see 2 accessories sets.Simple and very very usefull.I think its very cute)Tshhhhhh...Its just for 60 ld.(all of you can get it)Enjoy)This blue is my favorite)

And this one is black)

by the way I use usual Sabrina skin on vendors with accessories(find this skin in the store)Very cute and photorealistic)I happy)lol.
Sooooo.....Are you still Here??????????????Why???Run to the B&B Fair and get special Sabrina skins and accessories!!!!
And dont forget to visit TIK TOK Mainstore to see All Sabrina and other stuff)Think you will like it)