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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello.Today is super bargain saturday.i had no idea so i again put the version of my beautiful lovely Stella for 60 ld....hmmmm....also skin for lazy sunday and thirsty thursday still out....so if you missed it you can get it.but tomorrow at the right time ill remove these 3 skins.and i will not put bargain skins some time...Its seems like i dont love my Stella.I LOVE HER!She is gorgeous.And she is out for my usual skins price 500 ld.I mean standart Stella skin.I think its too low price for her.so maybe ill make prices higher))Lets see..
So...Its skin for today
Sunny vendor
Hope you will like it.ill be happy if you will like her as i like)I realy love you all))im just not in the best of my moods.lol.ehhhhh
Come to TIK TOK XD
Miah <333