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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

43 NEW MAKEUPS and 10 Ld OFFER at TIK TOK!!!

Hi all!Today i have released 43 new makeups!2 sets of eyeshadows,2 sets of lipgloss which not change original shape and texture of lips,just change the colour,Also i made 3 versions of teeth,sooo pretty!Yay!
I have special offer.Is 6 tattoo layers pack of freckles and blushes for 10 Ld only)You will find it on the floor in the box with Tik Tok logo near all makeups))Demo available as well)Special offer for 5 days only
TIK TOK-Teethy set
TIK TOK-2 Lip gloss sets
TIK TOK-2 makeup sets
Teeth and eyeshadows fits all skin,i check))And lip gloss fits many skins too,but try demo first please)
Come to TIK TOK-Body Care, feel beautiful!