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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Hyperion Hotel !

The fourth annual Halloween Event will be held on the Pulse, Nomine, Snatch City and New Kaddath Sims from October 17th-November 14th. Designed with a love of horror films and games, DIVE includes multiple levels of scary fun for you and your friends. With hidden gifts from !Retox!, Sn@tch, [Gauze], Forsaken, Nomine, A-Bomb, Dreams, IrEn, Fierce and many more of the stores on our sims, navigate the game and discover clues and solve puzzles that will tell the horrible hotel's story and advance you to the frightening conclusion!

This Halloween...we invite you to DIVE. Enter the Hyperion Hotel. Since 1925 it has entertained guests from Dignitaries and Senators to Movie Stars and Authors. A formidable structure with a dark and deadly history and some who check in, check out in a body bag and some never check out at all! Over the past 85 years there have been at least 20 murders, suicides and even more disappearances. You have been hired by an unnamed third party as a paranormal investigator to go in and decide once and for all if the rumors are true. Is the Hyperion haunted? It is your job to investigate inside the walls of the once magnificent hotel. You will be the only guest and with your DIVE Unit which can read the spiritual energies of the past, you will discover the secrets of the old building. Be careful though, one misstep could be your last!

You will need to collect clues and solve simple puzzles to get to the next levels so search everywhere and click everything you can. Like a video game you will need to open doors and find paths to move forward.

This Skin is my Gift for you :D

Its sooooooo much fun !!!

Here is the TAXI to the Hyperion Hotel !