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Monday, October 18, 2010

MEGA-RELEASE of MAKEUPS at TIK TOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!I have released 102 makeups for viewer 2!!!!!60 eye makeups,30 lipsticks,12 runny mascara!Eye shadows and mascara fits all skins,and lipstick fit with my Heather and Juicy skins,but i tryed it with Laq skins also,Nellie for example,and its looks good))So first try demo please) hope you like it)Enjoy!Taxi to TIK TOK
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part4
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part1
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part2
TIK TOK-Body care-Makeups_part3
Do you know that you can wear as many tats as you want same time if you use viewer 2.1 or Kirsten's viewer?yes,you can!And its so great!NOw you know if you didnt before)))Have a lovely day!<33333333333333333333333333