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Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas gifts!!!!

Hello!So many gifts in sl these days))Truth Hawks made cute gift for girls and boys,here you see girls gift)Also he has released 2 new pretty hairstyles but ill show you tomorrow.As i said in previous post,TIK TOK re-branded to Natural Beauty.Aaand this sweet skin is a group gift for ~Natural Beauty~ Updates members.TIK TOK group is closed and members re-join as soon as they can and im realy appricate it,THANK YOU!So join new group and take the gift)It comes in all skin tones from light to dark.I wear it with my teeth v2
pic4-i love truth
Do you know where you can find these snowmen??near GARAGE mainstore!lol,When Slava Parkin sleeps ill make her snowmen)very cute animation btw.look at it and also get jeans(on me) and many more there)
pic2-i make her snowman
pic3-i make her snowman
skin-Natural Beauty (tik tok)-group gift.FREE to join
teeth-Natural Beauty(tik tok)-teeth v2
shape-Natural Beauty (tik tok)-FREE for super bargain saturday.still out
hair-TRUTH-xmas gift!
lashes-REDGRAVE-#16(3 pair)lol
cardigan-Milk motion
eyes-Unique Megastore
boots-Surf couture-Elsa boots