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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clearence SKINS SALE at Natural Beauty!

Hello!I put 7 skins on sale,all skins for 99L$ only,think the sale will run until tomorrow(!) and then ill take all these to my inventory :-P
TikTok_Rita-skin line_main vendor
TIK TOK-Rita skin line_makeups
TIK TOK-Bony skin&shape_vendor
TIK TOK-Dolores skin & shape_vendor
TIK TOK-Anya skin_vendor_main
TIK TOK-Camilla-tan-skin&shape
TIK TOK-Camilla-medium-skin&shape
Natural Beauty(tik tok)-Camilla-fair-skin
TIK TOK-Camilla-deep tan-skin&shape
TIK TOK-Camilla-dark-skin&shape
Natural Beauty-Pure Juice event-Galina
TikTok_Rita skin vendor_main
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