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Monday, June 27, 2011

Natural Beauty news !

Hello all!Today is so sunny mmmmmm...Im lazy and sleepy.Thats my morning ! What i wanted to say... I´m strange.yeah. Do you know that i made accessories in past?I did...And then i removed all of them because i wanted to have only one way stuff in my store. That means skins,shapes,cosmetics. But many people ask me about my mouth things and i though i´ll put them back. But i wanted to make separate(?) store for my accessories so i created the brand name !GIRLFRIEND . Think its cool. I made new vendors with new name, released and went to sleep.yesterday. Today i think.and what??wtf will i have 2 separate stores? LOL i dunno what happened with my brain, just i like when store name sounds like what sold there.Think i had to name my store Miah McAuley at the beginning. Heh... What to do?I dont know. lol
Well,my english is bad so i cant type a lot, look new(or no that new) releases by Natural Beauty alias !GIRLFRIEND
!GIRLFRIEND-Cherry blossom
!GIRLFRIEND-Classic red rose
!GIRLFRIEND-Green peace
!GIRLFRIEND-Ladybugs friends
!GIRLFRIEND-Ladybugs in love
!GIRLFRIEND-Mouth beads black
!GIRLFRIEND-Mouth beads silver
!GIRLFRIEND-Pearl beads set black
!GIRLFRIEND-Pearl beads set white
!GIRLFRIEND-Soft orange rose
!GIRLFRIEND-Soft pink rose
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