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Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW SKIN release at Natural Beauty!2 CHEAP versions of this new skin!

Hello,Ladies!I happy to present you the new face of Natural Beauty-Anya.This skin comes in 3 skin tones,light,medium and sunkissed within 5 makeups and 2 cleavage options,shape also.Anya sold in fat packs for 890L% per tone.Check it out at Natural Beauty !
Natural Beauty-Anya skin&shape
Also i have 2 cheap special Anya skins with autumn makeups for 70 and 75 L$
This one at TFG
Natural Beauty-Anya-special edition for TFG
And this one at 75L$ SKIN SALE
Natural Beauty-Anya-special edition for 75L$ SKIN Sale
All skins have free demos.Hope you like Anya :-) Have a great day!