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Friday, May 25, 2012


This is my Look of the day i wanted to share with you!
As we all know ( yes we do ;D) Skin addictions Skin Showcase is starting at 11am slt. and i am wearing "Molly" by Iren, you can find there. She comes in 6 skintones and each contains 7 lipsticks and a nonail option for your primnails :) for example from Love Soul as i am wearing in the picture. The shape is available too.The Off Shoulder Top is a Stuff in Stock item by Iren, the theme of this round is Black&Gold and its running from 28th May-7.June. The Mungo Jeans i am wearing here in faded by Not so bad are actually a male item. But hmm... look at them! YES, i was need to edit my body to fit them.. but i have liked to have done this for this pants. They are just awesome and i am wearing them alot. Hope the owner will bring out a female version of them too. The belt you have to buy as an extra. But it just look great together! And at least there is a demo to try them out. It worth to change the shape a bit for them, Trust me ;) They have a very low waist and you should wear panties with them :) for example from into dust as i do in the picture below.And yeees i knooow i am living behind the moon, but i was visiting Catwa first time and got this hair there,worn here in chocolate. Its very flexi and i like them much. Even if i am just addicted to mesh hairs past time.The Hairbase isnt coming with the hair but its free to grab at the store.The mesh feet from SLink i posted much already :) Not much more to say about them except that i stopped wearing shoes after i got them :))))