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Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello Girls :)

this is a new skin release by Iren, her name is Olga

she comes in 6 skin tones

powder,pale,tan,mocca,dark tan and ebony

The whole body was Hand painted from new! so its an absolute new body!!!


there are 2 Option to buy

 is the Option with Mesh Hands that are fitting the skin perfectly (depends on the windlight we are using). With Nams optimal skin 2 it matches perfect! The hands are HUD driven and are changing between 16 Nailcolors! Hands come in standart sizes!!!

Option is without the Mesh Hands but contains NoNail gloves to wear with your Prim Nails!

Both options contain an Eyebrow tattoo layer (+ usual skins with eyebrows for v1 user) and 10 Lipsticks layer.
There is a Redhead skin available too!!!Mod/Shapes are available  for 300L$
many many addons will follow! more eyebrows,new noses,lips ,freckles and makeups!!!

sooooo stay tuned ;D