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Friday, January 11, 2013

Look of the Day

Hello Girls, this is my Look for today!
I feel a bit cute and smart in this :)

The Skin is a new release by Iren, it comes in 6 skintones and contains 10 Lipsticks,10 Lipgloss,3 Eyeliner,3Makeups,5 eyecolors,Eyebrow Layer,5 matte Lipsticks and skin with and without eyebrows+freckled skin. I am wearing here the included glossy eyemakeup and matte lipstick with the included Hud driven Mesh Hands  ,where you can change between a bunch of nailcolors. You can mix& match between the  new Iren skin s Olga,Janine and Mona eyebrows, that you can buy separately in store.Nerd glasses are by Iren too.The Hair is by elikatira and is called Sound. .This Jacket is Smartmesh™ by . chillie . , you have only one size because it is a SMART MESH! you dont have to wait for LL to finally release the mesh deformer! You can now try out a demo in the store.. try to pull the "fat" trigger on 100! and see what happens :) This Jacket in Pink you can get as Groupgift @ . chillie . too! Group has a small fee to join. But it worth!!! There are always super nice and high quality gifts! The shirt is from PIG ( oh ghad i am totally addicted and own the whole store!:] ),this high waisted pants i found in my inventory and cant remember when i got them! But they are sooo cute! and really well done! MOLiCHiNO made them and they match the mesh jacket super without sticking out somewhere. Boots are by mon tissu.