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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


... about all this is very overhelming. Building a new Mainstore, parcipating in events, learning mesh , upgrading pc cause of learning mesh lol... well and rl things have to be done aswell. So for now my Mainstore is a tent :D
But Good things come to those who wait...


Skin&Shape- ALEXA with Mesh Hands in pale by [ iren ] (fresh from skinfair)
Hair- Paprika by Burley (Groupgift)
Makeup- Pink Acid
Lashes- Prim Lashes by [ iren ]
Eyes- Anime Eyes -Apocalypse by DA
Piercings- by Pekka & PUNCTURE
Bracelets by Cobrahive
Tattoo- by -BlackFeet-
Earrings- by EN:YO
Ring- by Exquisite Juwellry